Medically Reviewed by Stephanie S. Gardner, MD on February 10, 2021

Pruning Your Eyebrows

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Do your eyebrows look like an unweeded garden? Plucking  once in a while might be enough. If you have a true unibrow looming, you might need more drastic measures. Waxing is relatively easy, either at home or in a salon. Once every six to eight weeks should do it.

Bad Breath

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Bad breath is a colossal turnoff, but how do you know if you have it? This will give you an idea: Lick the back of your hand, wait, and smell. Causes of bad breath vary. Some guys resolve it with a toothbrush or fewer onions. If you still have chronic bad breath despite precautions, see a dentist. You could have an infection or other problems.

Nose and Ear Hair

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It's cruel: As the hair starts disappearing from your scalp, it sprouts everywhere you don't want it. When it comes to nose hairs, don't pluck. First, it hurts. Second, nose hairs actually help filter out the air going into your lungs. Instead, an electric trimmer to cut them back a bit. You can use the trimmer on ear hairs, too.

Hand and Nail Care

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Even if you don't pay them any mind, your hands get noticed every day -- every time you shake someone else's, for instance. Dirty or ragged fingernails aren't manly. They're a turnoff. Consider a manicure -- lots of men get them -- to get you on track. If not, do the bare minimum. Trim your nails regularly. Invest a few dollars in a nail brush and use it.

Thinning Hair

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If your hair is thinning, grooming experts have blunt advice: Own up to it. Don't hide it with longer hair, or lots of product, or elaborate styling. No one will be fooled, except maybe you. Get it cut short or shave it off entirely. You'll look better and realize you had nothing to be ashamed of.

How Not to Smell

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Go ahead and wear cologne. But if you do, don't also use a scented soap, aftershave, deodorant, and face cream. Stinking up the office with a cocktail of clashing manly scents isn't a good idea. When it comes to smell, subtle is best. Something else to consider: the more scented stuff you put on yourself, the higher the odds you'll irritate your skin.

Shaving: Don’t Rush

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Considering that most men do it daily, it's amazing how bad we can be at shaving. For one, we're impatient. We slap on a big beard of shaving cream and start scraping immediately. Instead, give shaving cream three minutes to permeate and soften the hairs. If you shave in the shower, let water soak in for a few minutes before you shave. It's why men used to get hot towels over their faces before a shave.

Shaving: A Light Touch

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While razors often have four blades or more, that doesn't necessarily mean they're better -- especially if you keep re-shaving the same area. Too much focus on a close shave can result in nicks and razor burn. Better to go to work with a hint of stubble than with bits of tissue on your face. If ingrown hairs are a problem, try exfoliation or use shaving gel instead of foam, and shave in the direction hair grows.

Skin and Sun

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After three or four decades, the sun starts to take a toll on your face. Most of the wrinkles we associate with old age are actually the result of sun damage. Some guys pull off that weather-beaten look. The rest just look wrinkly. Protect your skin by using a sunblock-broad spectrum containing zinc oxide and an SPF 30 or higher.

How to Wash Your Face

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Are you washing your face with the same harsh soap that you use to scrub your armpits and crotch? That's not a good idea. Not only is the skin on your face sensitive, but it's also the first thing that everybody sees. Scaly, dried out skin doesn't look good. Avoid soaps with strong smells and opt for a gentle non-soap face cleanser.

Foot Care

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Of all the body parts that men ignore, your feet might be most neglected. But your partner is bound to notice them -- especially if scratched by your toenail in the night. Trim your nails straight across regularly. Soak your feet and sand away some of that dead skin with a pumice stone. You'll both like the results.

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