Ways Cigarettes Damage Your Body

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You know smoking causes cancer and hurts your lungs. Here are some other reasons it's terrible for you.

Lighting up can raise your chances of getting conditions that can lead to blindness.

Smokers are up to 40% more likely to get type 2 diabetes than nonsmokers.

If you're a woman, lighting up can hurt your fertility. It can also raise your odds of having a miscarriage, a baby with birth defects, or premature delivery.

Guys, your odds of getting ED are higher when you smoke.

A cigarette habit is also linked to weaker bones which can make a fracture more likely.

Your ticker could pay a price too. Your chances go up for conditions like heart disease and strokes.

The good news, if you quit, your body starts to heal within 20 minutes. Your odds of having a heart attack drop within three months. And you'll breathe easier and cough less in nine months.