Quit-Smoking Timeline

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Thinking about quitting smoking? Did you know the benefits of quitting start just hours after your last cigarette? Within two hours of quitting, your blood pressure, heart rate and circulation will begin to normalize. After being smoke-free for 24 hours, your body will be thanking you, as the risk of a heart attack or coronary artery disease will begin to decline. At just one to three months into your new lifestyle, your lungs are beginning to clear, making it easier to breathe. Say goodbye to feeling winded while trying to perform simple tasks like walking.

Halfway through the first year, your lungs should be properly functioning, causing those pesky coughing fits to decrease significantly. After one year, be sure to take time to congratulate yourself. You've already reduced your risk of heart disease by 50%. And the benefits don't stop there. With each passing year, the damage that smoking did to your body will heal, allowing you to live longer and feel better.