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Shortages Force Los Angeles Vaccine Sites Closures

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Feb. 12, 2021 -- Los Angeles, one of the nation’s COVID hotspots, will have to close Dodger Stadium and four other city-run vaccination sites on Friday and Saturday because of a shortage of vaccine, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said.

"We're vaccinating people faster than new vials are arriving here in Los Angeles," he said at a Wednesday news conference, according to CBS News. "And I'm very concerned right now. I'm concerned as your mayor that our vaccine supply is uneven, it's unpredictable and, too often, inequitable."

He said about 13,000 doses per day are being administered in the city, but only about 16,000 new doses arrived this week. He said the five city-run vaccination sites have administered 98% of the doses the city received for a total of 293,252 doses administered.

By Thursday, the city’s supply of Moderna first doses will be gone, he said.

"We won't have those vaccines because the supply is not there," the mayor said. "As soon as we receive more supply, and I'd love a call tonight or tomorrow from some source at the state or national level saying we found some more, but most likely, hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday, we will start the business up again."

Los Angeles County Public Health also announced a vaccine shortage earlier this week. As of Tuesday, Feb. 9, only second doses of the vaccine would be given this week.

L.A. County Public Health has reported a total of 1.1 million cases and 18,500 COVID-related deaths. On Wednesday, the county reported 3,400 new cases, 141 deaths, and 3,974 hospitalizations.

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