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How to Avoid the 'Demons' of Summer

Tips for keeping your cool when obnoxious behavior tries to ruin your summer fun.

The Bully continued...

"What you're doing is engaging the child gently in a research project to gather all the facts to develop strategies to solve the problem," says Figley. "Even if it doesn't help in that particular situation, it's a great opportunity for the child to learn that he's not in it by himself. That the parent has a responsibility to be an ally or an advocate."

And if a parent actually witnesses the bullying taking place at the public pool?

"In the pool scenario, if a parent sees bullying happening, they need to act on it and not allow the child to be abused," says Figley. "While it may embarrass the child, their job is protection. Letting the drama unfold in the hope that it will teach the child a lesson in courage, that's swell, but it's completely unethical and inappropriate when the parent sees it for himself."

Stay Cool When It's Hot

When the temperature starts to climb, what's the most important tip for keeping your cool, no matter what demon rears its ugly head?

"Learn how to respond instead of react," says anger coach Fiore. "You have a choice -- you're not Pavlov's dog. Ask yourself how to best get what you want without anger. The problem with anger is it doesn't work 95% of the time."

Reviewed on June 26, 2007

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