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    Kristen Bell Talks About Acting, Health Advice, and the Children of Uganda

    The Gossip Girl narrator and star of Forgetting Sarah Marshall can't forget the little ones orphaned in this war-torn African country.


    How would you like to see the rest of us contribute to Invisible Children?

    The amazing thing is that the majority of what they ask is for people’s time, because it’s more valuable than money. And whether it’s going and volunteering in Uganda, or asking you to sit down for five minutes and think of an idea of how you can make a difference to these kids, they want to put people’s brainpower to work.

    What are your charitable goals for the future?

    I hope to be working with Invisible Children for a long time. And I know that once they end this 20-year war, which I think they will, then we would find another place where kids are unseen and need a voice.

    What is the best health advice that anyone has ever given you?

    My mom is a nurse, and she shared a lot of information with me at an early age. When I was 11, I wanted to be a vegetarian, because I never liked meat. And I think the best health advice my mom gave me was that I could do whatever I wanted, I just need to know what I was risking and what I needed. So she made me do research on what kind of vitamins and minerals I would be lacking, and how I could get them. A lot of vegetarians tend to just eat bread and pasta and not realize that they need zinc or iron. You usually just worry about protein, but that’s not the only thing you’re lacking. So I’m able to be a really healthy vegetarian because she educated me.

    What do you do for relaxation?

    Sit in a giant pile of dogs at my house. My cuddle time with my dogs invigorates me beyond belief. That and spending time with my friends one on one. The Los Angeles lifestyle tends to get very fast-paced. Sometimes sitting down and taking a deep breath is all the relaxation that I need.

    Of the five senses, which do you value most and why?

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