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    Gonzalez Regimen (PDQ®): Complementary and alternative medicine - Health Professional Information [NCI] - History


    As Dr. Beard had before him, Dr. Kelley also asserted that trophoblasts and cancer cells have a common origin in primordial germ cells. Dr. Kelley maintained, furthermore, that cancer was initiated when primordial germ cells migrated to a point in the body already weakened by toxic exposure and nervous system imbalance. At these presumably compromised sites, the germ cells met no opposition from the immune system and initiated an aggressive invasion of normal tissue, creating malignancy. Dr. Kelley's treatment approach was based on the belief that primordial germ cells are the single cause of all cancers, no matter where they occur, and that pancreatic enzymes are able to suppress or destroy cancers.[1,5]

    Dr. Gonzalez incorporated many of Dr. Beard's and Dr. Kelley's key points into his own treatment regimen. In addition, the Gonzalez regimen includes the rigorous dietary protocols, nutritional supplements, and coffee enemas that can be found in the earlier work of Dr. Max Gerson.[7] The Gonzalez regimen now includes use of pancreatic enzymes, along with nutritional supplements, coffee enemas, and prescriptive diets based on a theory of autonomic dominance.[2,3,4]

    An example of the Gonzalez regimen for a patient with pancreatic adenocarcinoma would be the following:

    1. A diet that emphasizes fresh raw fruits, raw and lightly steamed vegetables, and freshly made vegetable juice daily. The diet protocol relies on plant-based sources such as cereals, nuts, and seeds and whole-grain products such as whole-grain bread and brown rice. The patient may eat one or two eggs daily, whole-milk yogurt daily, and fish two or three times a week, but no red meat or poultry.
    2. Nutritional supplements that include vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Also prescribed are certain freeze-dried organ concentrates such as thymus and liver, derived from beef or lamb.
    3. Ingestion of 25 g to 40 g of porcine lyophilized pancreas product daily, in capsule form, taken away from meals and spread evenly throughout the day.[2]

    The total number of capsules taken per day by each cancer patient on the Gonzalez regimen typically ranges from 130 to 160, taken with and away from meals.[2] In addition, the Gonzalez regimen uses coffee enemas on the premise that coffee absorbed through the intestinal wall will improve liver and gallbladder function and help increase the removal of toxic waste from tumor breakdown.[2,4] At this time there is no scientific evidence that coffee enemas have any specific effects on increased liver function, effects on tumor breakdown detoxification, or a role in the treatment of any cancer.

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