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    Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis Treatment (PDQ®): Treatment - Health Professional Information [NCI] - Adult LCH



    Liver involvement in adults has been reported in 27% of a series of adult patients with LCH and multiorgan disease.[22] Hepatomegaly (48%) and liver enzyme abnormalities (61%) were present. CT and ultrasound imaging abnormalities are often found. The early histopathologic stage of liver LCH includes infiltration of CD1a+ cells and periductal fibrosis with inflammatory infiltrates with or without steatosis. The late stage is biliary tree sclerosis and treatment with ursodeoxycholic acid is suggested.

    Multisystem disease

    In a large series of patients from the Mayo Clinic, 31% had multisystem LCH compared with 69% registered on the Histiocyte Society adult registry; this likely reflects referral bias.[6,23] In the adult multisystem patients, the organs involved included the following:

    • Skin (50%).
    • Mucocutaneous (40%).
    • Diabetes insipidus (29.6%).
    • Hepatosplenomegaly (16%).
    • Hypothyroidism (6.6%).
    • Lymphadenopathy (6%).


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