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    Taking Care of Your Diabetes Every Day


    Take Your Diabetes Medicine Every Day continued...

    If You Use Insulin

    You need insulin if your body has stopped making insulin or if it doesn't make enough insulin. Everyone with insulin-dependent diabetes (or type 1 diabetes) needs insulin, and many people with type 2 diabetes need insulin.

    Insulin cannot be taken as a pill. It can be inhaled or injected. You may need to give yourself shots or inhale it every day. Some people give themselves one shot a day. Some people give themselves two or more shots a day. You need to take your insulin every day. Never skip a shot, even if you are sick.

    Insulin is injected with a needle. Your doctor will tell you what kind of insulin to use, how much, and when to give yourself a shot. Talk to your doctor before changing the type or amount of insulin you use or when you give your shots. Your doctor or the diabetes educator will show you how to draw up insulin in the needle. They will also show you the best places on your body to give yourself a shot. Ask someone to help you with your shots if your hands are shaky or you can't see well.

    Good places on your body to give shots are:

    • The outside part of your upper arms.
    • Around your waist and hips.
    • The outside part of your upper legs.
    • Avoid areas with scars and stretch marks.
    • Ask your doctor or nurse to check your skin where you give your shots.

    You may be a little afraid at first to give yourself a shot. But most people find that the shots hurt less than they expected. The needles are small and sharp and do not go deep into your skin. Always use your own needles and never share them with anyone else.

    Your doctor or diabetes educator will tell you how to throw away used needles safely.

    Keep extra insulin in your refrigerator in case you break the bottle you are using. Do not keep insulin in the freezer or in hot places like the glove compartment of your car. Also, keep it away from bright light. Too much heat, cold, and bright light can damage insulin.

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