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    Prevention and Early Intervention for Diabetes Foot Problems

    8. Conclusion

    The staggering human and economic costs of diabetes foot disease may be reduced significantly with increased practice of several simple preventive care measures designed to prevent foot ulcers and lower extremity amputations. Routine annual foot screening facilitates early interventions to reduce the incidence of the most common precipitating events including injury and footwear-related trauma to the insensitive foot. The key elements of preventive care include: annual examination of the feet by health care providers to determine risk factors for ulceration; subsequent exams of high risk feet at each patient visit; patient education about daily self-care of the feet; and careful glucose management. The national health objectives for the year 2000 to decrease the rate of amputation in the population overall, as well as in specific high risk minority groups, serve as a call to action for both health care providers and people with diabetes to make routine diabetes foot care a high priority.


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