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  1. 13 Ways to Fight Sugar Cravings

    Does that morning Danish leave you craving another treat two hours later? Do you grab a candy bar to cope with your afternoon slump -- and then reach for a cola to get out of your post-slump slump? If you’ve found that munching sugary snacks just makes you crave more sugary snacks, you’re not alone.

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  2. Microwave Covers: Are They Safe?

    In every issue of WebMD the Magazine, we ask our experts to answer readers' questions about a wide range of topics. In our September 2011 issue, we asked WebMD's nutrition expert about the usefulness and safety of microwave covers. Q: At work, we're supposed to use plastic covers to keep the microwa

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  3. Women and Obesity Trends: What's the Link?

    Last year, the research firm Harris Interactive teamed up with the nonprofit health information source HealthyWomen to survey women's beliefs about what I call the “O” word -- obesity. Most of the 1,037 women surveyed were aware that obesity is a major issue in America. But many didn't grasp how muc

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  4. Chefs' Diet Secrets

    If you think managing your weight is tough, imagine if your job was to spend all day cooking, thinking about, and tasting food. That’s the challenge professional chefs face each day when they go off to work. In spite of being around tantalizing food all the time, however, many professional cooks man

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  5. The New Abs Diet for Women: Diet Review

    Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, reviews The New Abs Diet for Women.

  6. The Lean Belly Prescription: Diet Review

    Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, reviews The Lean Belly Prescription by Travis Stork, MD.

  7. 7 Most Tempting Sugary Foods

    Elaine Magee, MPH, RD, discusses tempting sugary foods and satisfying alternatives.

  8. Who Needs Omega-3s?

    You’ve likely heard about the many health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. Are you getting enough of them in your diet? According to experts, probably not. And most people you know -- your spouse, your toddler, and your mom – probably aren’t either. “Pretty much everybody’s diet is deficient in omeg

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  9. Omega-3s as a Functional Food: Fatty Acids in Cereal and More

    "Now enriched with omega-3 fatty acids." Stroll supermarket aisles and you'll see that phrase just about everywhere -- on cereal boxes, egg cartons, even jars of eye cream. And with good reason. Despite what the latest fad diets may say, we need these essential fats to function, from building cell w

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  10. Best and Worst Fast-Food Breakfasts

    No matter which fast-food chain you visit, high-fat and high-calorie breakfast choices abound. But healthier fast-food menu options do exist. Here are some of the best and worst foods at several major chains.

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