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Weight Loss & Diet Plans

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For Savvy Weight Loss: Know Thyself

What kind of dieter are you? Knowing your diet personality can help you lose weight.

Weight loss type 5: The distracted diner continued...

As for fast food, if you're always on the road, make yourself a deal. Tell yourself there's a cost involved, says Wansink, and you can eat fast food, but not while you drive. Instead, pull over and eat it in a parking lot. A distracted diner, usually too distracted while eating to notice, may never realize how much she actually dislikes the taste of fast food until she adds this trick to her weight loss plan.

If you want to transition from harried dining and tend to eat alone, try replacing mealtime distractions such as work, television or household chores with a light book or magazine. You may find you eat more slowly when your mind is focused on less anxious, time-pressured tasks.

Your personality, your diet plan

The real goal isn't to find a diet that works for you, Sanders tells WebMD. It's to find a way of eating that you enjoy, and which allows you to lose excess weight and keep it off. You may need to reassess your diet plan over time as your age and lifestyle change. But the only way to get that perfect fit is to find the diet plan that works with you and your personality right now. Bon appetit!

Reviewed on December 16, 2009

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