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    How Weight Loss Surgery Can Change Your Life

    What to Expect After Your Weight Loss Surgery

    Year 1: How fast will you lose weight? What challenges will you face?

    Year 5: How hard is it to keep the weight off? Are there health effects?

    Quality of Life After Weight Loss Surgery

    Personal Stories: Transformation After Weight Loss Surgery
    Joy dropped from a size 26 to a size 8. Peggy dropped just 50 pounds, but her diabetes is now under control. All need to exercise to keep the weight off.

    Your Options in Weight Loss Surgery

    Making the Choice: Banding or Gastric Bypass Surgery
    You have 4 types of weight loss surgery from which to choose. What are the pros and cons of each? How do you decide which surgery is right for you?

    Related Weight Loss Issues: Financing and Plastic Surgery

    Does insurance cover weight loss surgery? How will you pay?

    Will you want a body lift, contouring, or a tummy tuck?

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    What will be your biggest challenge after surgery?