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7 Feng Shui Tips to Improve Your Love Life

A better sex life, a deeper connection, more time together -- it all can be yours! Follow these tips from feng shui expert Ellen Whitehurst to improve every aspect of your love life -- and then watch all your romantic dreams come true.

If you want to mend a rocky relationship:

TAKE A MOMENT TO REFLECT. This cure can help restore your relationship to a peaceful and loving state. Find a photo of yourself where you are smiling and alone, and stick the picture to the back of a small, rectangular mirror. Next, stick a photo of your partner on the back of a matching mirror. Take two more mirrors (I swear, you'll only need four) and stick them together, back to back, so the reflective sides are facing outward. Then take your two picture mirrors and place them on either side of the middle mirrors so that two are facing each other. The mirrors in the middle are said to act as mediators while also enabling everyone to see both sides. Then, wind red ribbon around the mirrors 99 times and place the package between your mattress and box spring at the space where your heart lies. After the seventh day, call, text, or e-mail the person with whom you'd like to reunite. Rest assured, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the warm and welcoming reception you receive.

If you want to heal a broken heart:

FOLLOW YOUR NOSE. Orange essential oils are considered an antidepressant and an effective treatment for emotional angst. The oil is used to bring peace and calm to an emotional situation while inviting serenity and harmony. Sounds like just what the aromatherapist ordered! Add 10 drops of orange essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water, and spray around your space each morning. You'll start your day with a big dose of vitamin "See, I'm feeling better already!" Ancient philosophies extol the virtues of using the skins of oranges to help peel away your problems. Place the peels from nine oranges, plus two cups of Epsom salts, into a bath and soak for 20 minutes. You'll find enthusiasm, optimism, and hope getting under your skin again. Gives new meaning to the words orange zest!

If you want to make more time for each other:

LET LAMPS LIGHT THE WAY. We've all heard the saying, "Time flies when you're having fun," but what we know all too well is that it still flies even when you're not. I know it sounds clichéd, but it really does help to coordinate schedules in order to keep critical communications flowing. Feng shui says that if you are having a hard time carving out time for each other, try this cure: Place lamps on each side of the bed to shift energy so the two of you can spend more time making beautiful music together. Each partner should switch their lamp off, in unison, for 27 nights straight to light up harmony, balance, and togetherness. If you find that it's impossible to formulate this sleep schedule plan, then at least agree to say "good night" at the same time each night as a reminder that relationships need to be nurtured and nourished every day.

Ellen Whitehurst is the author of Make This Your Lucky Day. For more on how to add a bit of luck to every area of your life, log on

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