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Connie Britton's New Role: Healthy Living

The actress talks about mothering, staying healthy, and her work with cancer organizations.

Building Family for Yoby

Britton has worked to build a huge extended family for herself and Yoby. She's close to Cynthia, her fraternal twin sister, and a collection of aunts, uncles, and cousins. "Family has become very important to me. I really want him to feel a strong sense of that. And even the people I work with on Nashville, they've become part of our family too, for sure," she says.

Yoby's a fixture on the set of the show, where Britton plays ambitious country legend Rayna Jaymes (the role that recently earned her a fourth Emmy nom). "He loves to go to the hair and makeup trailer with me," she says. "Everybody dotes on him and does his hair, and then he goes on set and he'll sit with the director or one of the producers and he'll call ‘Rolling!' or ‘Action!'"

And he's a big fan of his mom's music. Britton had never played the show's CD for him, but Yoby frequently goes for play dates with the daughter of one of Britton's friends, and he heard the music there. (Britton and her son make their home in Nashville, where the show films.) Yoby and his pal became captivated by "Wrong Song," a duet Britton sings with co-star Hayden Panettiere.

"It's one of his favorite songs now," Britton laughs. "He'll just break into the ‘Wrong Song' at the top of his lungs, anytime, anywhere!"

Britton Stands Up for Pro-Choice

When she's not dolled up as Rayna for Nashville, you won't find Britton primping much, even though her famously crowd-stopping auburn mane boasts both its own (very unofficial) Tumblr site and Twitter feed. She has a simple beauty regimen, mostly pampering her skin with a line of organic face oils.

But other than that, "I do very little fussing over myself," she says. "Because when I'm not filming, that means I'm home with my son. I used to be on time for everything. Now I'm on time for nothing, because it takes so long to get him out of the house. If I don't have anything I need to do, I may not even look in the mirror! I may throw clothes on and focus on getting him together. People want to take pictures of me and I feel like, ‘Blah, I have to remember to put on makeup!'"

In that way, Britton says, she's a lot more like FNL's Tami than current character Rayna. "Even with my career, my life is a lot simpler than Rayna's life."

Britton made headlines earlier this year when she partnered with Planned Parenthood to support a campaign against abortion restrictions in Texas, where Friday Night Lights was set, with a special-edition T-shirt that read "WWTTD? What Would Tami Taylor Do?" She says her pro-choice stance hasn't garnered much criticism from her fans.

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