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    Volleyball Champ Kerri Walsh Jennings Talks Baby No. 3


    7.Misty says she's definitely retiring this time around. How hard will that be to play with someone else?

    I was going to play regardless for London, and Misty had said she was retiring then, but she changed her mind. For Rio, she's done. I'd bet my house on it. I haven't chosen a new partner yet. Nothing's set in stone, and this baby's buying me a little time. I think the bittersweetness will happen when I come back and start training with someone new, and when we make it to Rio.

    8.Moms, especially working moms, almost never get time to themselves. If you had one day that was all for you, what would be your perfect "me time" day?

    I would sleep in for sure. Oh man, would I sleep in! I would work out, and then I'd probably get a massage. And then I'd take a nap! I'd just be really mellow.

    9.What's your go-to comfort food?

    Breakfast sandwiches. I could eat them all day every day. I think I've had at least one every week since I've been pregnant, with crispy bacon and an egg over medium on toast, with tomato and avocado. That's just heaven! And I love fresh lemonade with it.

    10.And your secret health vice?

    Just eating the bad stuff. Anything fried. Or two huge cupcakes in a row.

    11. You recently tweeted that you make the time to exercise. How do you carve out that time?

    I look at this as my job even when I'm not in season or in training. After this pregnancy, I do want to be able to hit the ground running and be as strong as I can. Plus, working out helps with labor and helps with my mental and emotional state while I'm pregnant. It helps me accomplish whatever I want. I lift weights, do Pilates, and now that my motivation is back there's a sand dune by me that I plan on walking once a week.

    12.What were your favorite tunes on the court in London?

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