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    Kim Kardashian's Real Life

    Off camera, the reality TV star reveals her perfect date night, her workout secrets, and her best and worst health habits.


    This is our Sex and the City-themed issue, so we have to ask: Which SATC character do you most relate to?

    I'm like twins with Charlotte. I've had literally four boyfriends in my entire life. I was married for four years. I'm the relationship girl. I'm always at home cooking, wanting everything to be perfect.

    How do you keep it real with your family and boyfriend, when the TV cameras are rolling all the time?

    You don't really forget the cameras, because there's about 30 people standing behind you with a whole crew. But you obviously become more comfortable around them. I think it's the best way to tell our side of the story, through our eyes.

    What do you do on your days off shooting, to unwind and recharge?

    I'm a workaholic, and I really do love to work. But I'm really good at taking naps. I can take a quick nap, like a ten-minute snooze, and I'll be refreshed. Or just spending time with my friends relaxes me -- shopping, going to the movies, eating, and having sit-down time to chill and talk.

    How do you cope with having a long-distance relationship?

    Mostly, I think distance makes the heart grow fonder. It makes things exciting! But we try to have a rule where we don't go more than a week without seeing each other, and definitely not more than two weeks. We use Ichat a lot and text message a lot -- that really helps long distance relationships!

    What's the best relationship advice you've ever gotten?

    I think it was my friend Lala who told me, "Listen to your heart and not to so many different people's opinions. "Everyone will have a different opinion, and if you listen to too many other people, it will just confuse you. Make your own decisions, be sure that you're happy, and don't worry about what the mob is telling you.  


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    Reviewed on May 26, 2010

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