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    Nicole Kidman: Actress, Mom, Women's Advocate

    Off-screen, Kidman fights violence against women on the international stage.

    Nicole Kidman on Being a Mom continued...

    Being a mom the second time around, more than 20 years after her first diaper change, "does require extra maintenance," Kidman says. "I had more energy when I was younger, but I have more patience when I'm older. It's exhausting, but there's a selflessness to parenting that I love. I love taking care of a little person: watching their personalities form, hearing the funny things they say."

    Six-year-old Sunday, she says, is "just dominating the 3 year old right now. Watching them work it out is hilarious at times. The little one is very, very strong. I've just gotten one of those books about birth order, and they have a strong, fierce quality, the younger children."

    If she could, Kidman says, she'd have four more. (Her 43-year-old sister, Antonia, a journalist in Australia, had her sixth child in December 2012, and Kidman says she gets her parenting advice from Antonia.) But her journey to parenthood has not been easy.

    "My biggest regret is that it took me a long time to get pregnant. I had a lot of trauma, and a lot of sadness associated with miscarriages and losing children and all sorts of stuff. I'm grateful to have finally reached this place now."

    Kidman on Acting

    Her passion for children is part of what brought Kidman to acting. "There's a childlike quality in acting that I love," she says. "I used to say that I prefer the company of children, and that's probably still true, although there are some adults I really enjoy now."

    But although Kidman won't let her own young kids see some of her films, she says that being a mom hasn't altered her creative choices. "There are certain exploitive things I would never do whether I had kids or not, but I try to stay very open creatively," she says. "That just means the children don't get to see me in many movies. I just did Paddington Bear, which will be out at the end of the year, because I wanted to be in a kids' movie!"

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