The Power of Positive Self Talk

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How does positive self talk break the stress cycle?

Patricia Farrell, PhD
You know, too many of us don't give ourselves credit for the things that we do right, okay. You say to yourself, look, you've done this before, you've been through these kinds of things before, you've made it out alive, you can do it this time. Just take it easy, give yourself a chance, slow down physically a little bit.

Patricia Farrell, PhD (cont.)
You know you have to remember one thing. Your body is like a machine waiting for a signal. If you start speeding up the machine, the signal is going to be hurry up, come on, we've got to go, let's go. If you slow your body down, walk a little slower, take it easy, stroll, don't get there in some kind of fast pace, alright, your body will get the signal, things are okay, we're doing alright, and we'll fool it, okay.

Patricia Farrell, PhD (cont.)
And always say, look you're a good person, there's nothing to feel ashamed about, there's nothing to feel you haven't measured up, you're fine. If thoughts that come into your mind that are very upsetting, you say to yourself, you can say it out loud if you want to if nobody's around, Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. And what you've done is you've just mouthed a word, your brain has had to use many of the centers to even formulate that, so you are using much more of the power of your brain, and then you've heard it, so you've got a feedback look. You say it, you hear it, okay. After a while, you begin to get the message better.