3 Things to Keep at Your Desk

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Laptop, pen, coffee.

You may think you're ready to go to work, but there's more to office life than just these essentials.

Here are three things to keep at your desk.

Number one, food supply. You know the saying, "garbage in, garbage out"? Well, you need healthy food to give you the energy to do good work.

And unfortunately, you're probably not going to find that in your nearby vending machine.

So keep nuts, fruit, or oatmeal in a drawer and skip the high-sugar or junk foods.

Otherwise, you'll just find yourself curling up and giving into that midafternoon energy crash.

Number two, skin supplies. Lotion for dry hands, lip balm for chapped lips, even a nail file for a quick hang nail can make your day so much more comfortable.

Cucumbers are optional.

Number three, first aid kit.

Work can be a pain.

And we all know there's no pain worse than the dreaded paper cut.

Make like the boy scouts and always be prepared with a couple of necessities at your desk.

Bandages, antibiotic cream, and don't forget the all important pain relievers.

Use what you need, but be sure to save some supplies for next time.

With these three things at your desk, you'll be the most prepared employee at your company.

You may even get a merit badge.