Success over Stress

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We all have plenty to be stressed out about… some more than others There’s some compelling evidence activities like yoga, deep breathing, massage, meditation or Tai Chi can reduce pain, improve blood sugar in diabetics and in some cases lower blood pressure—not to mention reducing stress. In fact, there are a number of creative strategies you can use to limit stress: A meaningful hobby like art or music can strike the right chord. Find a social outlet…a study tracking breast cancer patients found that those who attended weekly support groups lived twice as long as those who didn't. Keep a journal. Research shows writing down your feelings can reduce tension. Try cutting back on caffeine, alcohol and if you smoke take steps to quit. And… Exercise on a regular basis—it triggers chemicals in the brain that block stress. Therapists are increasingly advising patients to unplug themselves from encounters that are likely to cause stress.

Edward Rosensweig, PhD.
Turn off the media. You know, there's a hiatus there’s a moratorium. We don't answer the phone, the TV's not going.

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Those who can find ways to turn their backs on stressful situations, experts say, will ultimately lead healthier lives.

Tommy Futch, Comic
You can change these things…might take a little planning. It might hurt a little…don't stay stuck. Move on.

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