5 Ways to Stay Motivated

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Whether you're tackling a new workout routine, trying to eat healthier, or just need a reason to go to work today, staying motivated can be difficult for even the most productive person.

Here are five ways to stay on track.

One-- be positive. You know you can do it. So believe it. Optimistic thinking produces positive outcomes. Think it. Feel it. And get it done.

Two-- take baby steps. Commit to five or 10 minutes at a time on your project. Tell yourself to do a little. And then you can stop. Odds are, once you get started, you won't want to stop.

Three-- get a group going. Find people who have similar goals and make it a group venture. Surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to do. And you're more likely to get it done.

Four-- write it down. Ask yourself why you want to do this and then write it down. Maybe you want to fit in your old jeans or get a better job or take a big trip. Put it in the kitchen or by your desk so you can read it every day, reminding yourself why you have this goal in the first place.

Five-- reward yourself. This carrot on the stick theory can help you achieve your goals. Give yourself a cash reward or buy yourself lunch at a nice restaurant. Go on a trip for the weekend or buy that swanky pair of shoes. Whatever it is, the vision of a reward helps you slog through the task and grab that carrot in the end.