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Narrator: Travel can be stressful anytime in today's post 9-11 world, but factor in higher fuel costs, and increased security and your summer vacation could be something that makes you a little hot under the collar…

Felicia Browder: People have to pack their patience. Pack your patience with everything else, be considerate of others, and everything will go smooth.

Narrator: Whether you're traveling by car, air or taking a cruise, here's a few tips to get your boat sailing. First, plan ahead. Use airport and cruise ship websites to stay on top of exact departure times. Also, Arrive early—especially if you're traveling by air. At least an hour and a half for a domestic flight and at least two hours of lead time if you're going abroad. Pack smart. Use a Transportation Security Administration approved lock…

Christopher White: Our TSA screeners can open the lock without damaging it if they need to…

Narrator: Next, dress for success…success at navigating security that is…

Christopher White: The more time you spend preparing for screening the less time you'll spend going through the screening…" take all the metal off, take the watch off, take the key ring out of your pocket, money clip if you have one, and put it in the carry on baggage.

Narrator: Remember careless lifting of overstuffed bags could turn your journey into nightmare. Take care with the overhead bins in an airplane:

Shavon Denard : When lifting correctly you want to get down low to the object, bring it in close to your body, lift with your legs not your back, take a pivot step and transfer the object to the surface that you want to transfer to.

Narrator: Finally, get plenty of rest before you travel, and limit alcohol and caffeine while you travel. And having the right attitude doesn't hurt…

Shavon Denard : I actually enjoy watching other people stressing, it makes me feel better about myself.

Narrator: Wishing you a stress free summer, I'm Damon Meharg