The Truth About Acupressure

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Acupressure is a traditional Chinese treatment for a bunch of health issues. It's similar to acupuncture, minus the needles. But does it work? Here's the truth.

Can acupressure ease nausea? It seems to help some people feel better. You massage a spot that's about three finger widths above your wrist toward your elbow. Over-the-counter wrist bands that press on the same area also may ease nausea.

Can acupressure help my headache get better? Maybe. Some doctors say these four acupressure points can ease the pain. The first is between your fourth and fifth fingers. Another is at the base of your skull behind your head, and near your shoulders right in the middle of your trapezius muscle is another point. Finally, Between your thumb and index finger. These last two pressure points may also ease stress.

Do my feet hold the key to relief for other problems? Experts say there's an acupressure sweet spot between the big toe and your second toe. They use this pressure point for problems like anxiety, insomnia, and lower back pain.

And what about reflexology? Can pressure points on your feet help lots of other places on your body? There's little proof it treats medical problems. But who says a good foot rub won't help you destress? If you want to try acupressure or reflexology, ask your doctor if they're right for you first. And that's the pressing truth.