3 Small Steps: Boost Your Family’s Mood

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Is your family stressed, run-down, or on edge? A few simple steps can boost everyone's mood.

It helps kids and adults to have fun things to do outside of school and work. Get parents and kids to find hobbies and spend time on them. It's a great way to unwind and recharge.

That said, make sure your family doesn't have too much going on. Jam-packed schedules can make everyone feel tired, stressed, or even headachy. So if you notice those warning signs, take a look at your calendar and see where you can cut back.

When it's time for downtime, try to limit how long your family uses screens for fun. An hour or 2 a day may be more than enough. More than that can cause stress and hurt social skills and sleep. Look for other ways your family can unwind. Try getting everyone up and moving!

These three small steps can help lift everyone's mood over the long run and keep you energized every day.