Easy Ways to Achieve Happiness

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These healthy habits can help you feel happier today. First, play a mind trick on yourself. Smile and laugh more, even if you've got to fake it. It may help release feel good brain chemicals.

You may not need to force smiles when you play with a pet. Whether it's your own furry friend or a pal's, you'll get unconditional love. And it may lower your stress, too.

Another surefire stress buster-- exercise. It doesn't have to be a typical fitness routine or a tough workout. Whether you like to dance, jump rope, play racquetball, or go for a swim, physical activity gets those feel good brain chemicals flowing.

Next, if you're in a relationship, having sex once a week might be enough to lift your mood. The intimacy you and your partner feel may matter more than orgasms.

Last but not least, try to do a few minutes of meditation each day. It can help you feel calmer, more centered, and less upset by negative feelings. Here's to your happiness and health.