Exploring a Sound Bath

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You know a bubble bath can relax the body and the mind, but how about a sound bath? A sound bath is a type of meditation practice with the addition of soothing sounds. It's not really a bath, but you are letting waves of sound wash over you. It's typically done in a group. Most often, everyone rests on a mat while a practitioner creates sounds using Tibetan bowls and chimes. The goal is to relax and quiet the mind.

If a sonic soak sounds like a silly fad to you, it actually works. Sound baths have been scientifically proven to calm stress and anxiety. In fact, hospitals around the US are beginning to offer them to patients before surgery or anxious relatives in waiting rooms. Meditation has already been shown to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. So if you're curious about a sound bath, it won't hurt to dive right in.