Is There a Special Diet for Diabetes?

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There truly is no such thing as a diabetic diet. It's really how we all should be eating, anyway. However, eating a diabetic diet, the idea is to help control our blood sugar by balancing our meals, choosing foods from all the different food groups.

Eating with diabetes means maintaining a healthy blood sugar along with any medication that your doctor prescribes, as well as physical activity. It's very important to choose a variety of foods from each food group when you do have diabetes. It's also important to keep your blood sugar steady, and we do that by eating meals frequently throughout the day. So skipping meals, skipping snacks is definitely not a good idea.

Foods and beverages that are high in sugar will be the worst choices for people with diabetes, because they'll increase our blood sugar the most. It's always best to check the nutrition facts labels. Sugar will always be listed there.