How to Use a Home Glucose Monitor

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Testing your blood sugar is easy, even if you haven't done it before.

You'll need the following things-- the test strips and the meter, lancing device and the lancet, bandages, alcohol swabs, and cotton balls.

Wash your hands.

Use warm water to get your blood flowing.

To make it easier you can also let your hand hang down and shake it, then massage your finger before you prick it.

Put the test strip into the meter.

Most meters will tell you when it's ready for you to prick your finger.

Decide which finger you're going to use.

Don't use the same one each time, that will keep it from getting sore.

Hold the lancing device to the side of your finger and press the trigger.

Don't worry, it shouldn't really hurt.

Squeeze your finger just a little to get a drop of blood.

Gently touch the strip.

It will pick up the blood and let the meter show your blood sugar reading.

It you get an error or you think something is wrong with the results just wait a few minutes and test again.

Check your instruction manual for troubleshooting errors.

Apply a little pressure to get the bleeding to stop. Most people don't need to, but you can use a bandage if you want.

Keep your kit handy so you can check your sugar whenever you need to.

And keep a record of your blood sugar readings-- it's good info to discuss with your doctor.