Sept. 17, 2021 -- Southwest is the latest airline to offer incentives to get more employees vaccinated against COVID-19.

Southwest employees paid on an hourly basis will receive 16 extra hours of pay if they’re vaccinated before Nov. 15, Insider reported, citing CNBC and other media outlets.

Employees who aren’t paid hourly, such as pilots and flight attendants, would receive pay for 13 trip segments, a Southwest memo said.

Southwest confirmed it would also reduce quarantine pay protections to unvaccinated employees who become infected with COVID-19 after Nov. 16, according to Insider. (The protections have been giving employees full pay for up to 10 days if they were exposed or infected.)

Similar moves have been announced by Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and American Airlines, Insider reported. Last month, Delta said unvaccinated workers will have to pay an extra $200 monthly for health insurance.

United Airlines has already mandated vaccines for all employees, while Delta, Alaska, and Horizon airlines require new hires to be vaccinated while encouraging existing employees to get vaccinated, according to Insider.

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Insider: “Southwest Airlines is giving fully vaccinated staff 16 hours extra pay -- and cutting special sick pay for unvaccinated workers who catch COVID-19.”

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