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Sharing Grief, Shock on the WebMD Message Boards

After shock, came anger: continued...

Blasted: I can't stand it, I can't stand the pain of it all, I can't stand everyone asking for peace! The time for peace and talking peace is over! There is no peace possible in the hearts and souls of the evil people who have done this. If I hear another person say we need to pray for peace I think I will explode. Pray for the wounded, the rescue workers, the dead and the surviving families, YES, but I am not ready for peace! I want the people that did this to be held accountable for their actions! In front of the entire world!

And many of our community members with chronic conditions counted their blessings and spoke of hope:

BirchMoon26, a lupus sufferer: Yesterday was a huge blow to the face. It reminded me that there are things worth living for. Seeing all those people volunteering, doing all they can ... people from my area were driving down there to see what they could do. It just makes you appreciate all those things we take for granted every single day.

Donna243, from the multiple sclerosis community: I'm a nurse, I'm thinking to volunteer, and go to N.Y. I want to help even it's in a small way.

kim529 from the multiple sclerosis community: I have felt all day, how dare I ever feel sorry for myself because I can't walk like everyone else, I can't stand up when I'm on the floor. What this country today has experienced today humbles us all.

HeretoHelpU: As I can't sleep either, while I lay in bed, I will pray for you all to get some rest. Take care and god bless you all (hugs).

D_laughlin: Please, if you do not have a flag, tie red/white/blue ribbons around your mailbox or a tree.

Lyrek: What I witnessed today was the most horrifying event I've ever seen, and ever hope to see. Strangely, though, I also saw one of the most beautiful events of my life as well: the selfless acts of camaraderie, heroism, and fellowship by EMS, police, firefighters, and civilians who risk, and for some, lost, their lives in endeavors to save complete strangers. This is something I hope to keep with me always.

Kathy Snead contributed to this report.


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