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    Sharing Grief, Shock on the WebMD Message Boards

    First, there was shock: continued...

    Signal: This is so awful. I live in D.C. Last night my son and I drove across the 14th St. bridge to see the damage to the Pentagon. It was awful. The smell of smoke was awful.

    Firegub0019: Yesterday they were talking about the building that collapsed and they were saying that now we are in a recession. All of this is so overwhelming, I'm absorbing it all and not knowing where to put it or how to deal with it. It makes me want to go numb.

    Louise92: I am sitting at work, feeling lost and horrified. The stories of people jumping from the buildings, the magnitude of the loss of lives and peace of mind for the American people. The incidents just kept happening. I saw the live feed of the plane crashing into the second tower. I saw the horror written on faces of everyone here. I want to crawl in a hole and cry for the world.

    After shock, came anger:

    AnniePenny: I think we are all victims of this ... we have been ripped of our safety.

    Louise92: And somewhere in the deep recesses of my soul burns a rage I did not know I was capable of feeling. It overrules logic, my Christian faith of forgiveness, my usual rabbit personality of run, run, run and hide. I want blood, revenge, and immediate retaliation. To heck with justice.

    Blasted: I can't stand it, I can't stand the pain of it all, I can't stand everyone asking for peace! The time for peace and talking peace is over! There is no peace possible in the hearts and souls of the evil people who have done this. If I hear another person say we need to pray for peace I think I will explode. Pray for the wounded, the rescue workers, the dead and the surviving families, YES, but I am not ready for peace! I want the people that did this to be held accountable for their actions! In front of the entire world!

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