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No More Cover-Ups

Looking Hot This Summer

Wrinkles and Stretch Marks

A laser, called the N-lite, can take away wrinkles, tighten skin, and maybe even eliminate stretch marks.

"It's very cutting edge," Katz says. "It's not a one-shot deal, but there is no downtime. Women can come in on their lunch break, and after a few sessions, they'll look a lot better."

The N-lite stimulates cells beneath the surface to produce more collagen, which restores the support structure of the skin and enhances the contours of the upper layer of skin. Collagen smoothes out wrinkles and stretch marks.

Studies have shown that our skin's natural production of collagen decreases at a rate of 1% per year after the age of 40, but within three to four months, N-Lite treatment increases collagen by as much as 50%. The per-treatment costs usually fall between $1,200-$2,000, and the effect lasts for about a year.


If you are prone to acne on your face, back, or anywhere else, choose oil-free, noncomedogenic sunscreens because they won't block or clog your pores, causing blackheads, says Katz.

"Wear 100% cotton if you break out because it will absorb the perspiration that is known to make acne worse," he says. Also, he says, change clothes frequently so sweat doesn't irritate skin.

Ingrown Hairs

"No question about it," Katz says, "laser is the answer."

With laser hair removal, you don't get these pesky, painful ingrown hairs that come with waxing and shaving, especially in the bikini area, he says. "Shaving or waxing takes the hairs off the surface, making it more likely that they will grow beneath the surface, but laser zaps the hair at its root -- stopping it from growing inside and out," he says.


"Low weight/high repetition," Maharam says. "Do 50 bicep and tricep curls per arm per day to tighten muscles and prevent hanging flab," he says. Any weight will do.

Here's how: For a bicep curl, bend your elbows to lift the weight to shoulder height. Then lower to starting position with extended, but not locked, elbows. For tricep curls, start sitting with your elbows pointing to the sky, and the weights behind your head, then slowly lift them until your arms are straight, then lower them.


Don't fall for fad diets and all their promises, says Christopher Still, DO, director for the Center for Nutrition and Weight Management for the Geisinger Health System in Danville, Penn. Even if they do work, the quick results are not sustainable, he tells WebMD.

Instead, avoid drinking any unnecessary calories from fruit juices and sugary sodas.

"Choose noncaloric beverages and increase physical activity by five minutes a day," he says. "These two quick things can cut hundreds of calories per day while upping the amount of calories we burn," he says. The result? A thinner, leaner you.

Brush Up on Beauty

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