Gym Smarts: Upper Body (Biceps)

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Gym Smarts: Upper Body - Biceps

Aaron Small, Personal Trainer
There are various machines you can use to work your biceps and your tricep muscles in your arms. Those are not incorrect to use. I personally prefer to use this cable crossover machine To use this machine to work your biceps. I have a straight bar attached to the bottom. What you want to do very safely grab this bar, without bending over in a squat position you'll stand up What you want to do is get in this stance, make sure your knees are bent, your rear stuck out just a little bit, lean back just a little, and start bicep curling. You don't want your elbows to move at all. That would be cheating. So this would be wrong. Instead lay your elbow to the right of your side and use your bicep muscles to curl the bar upward. When you are done with the set, in a squat like fashion place the bar back down.