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Pyramid Diet Secrets

What are the best foods to reach a healthy weight?

Healthy Weight Loss You Can Live With

The secret behind the Pyramid Diet isn't revolutionary. Indeed, it's based on what researchers have long agreed is the only way to lose weight: consume fewer calories than you expend.

And it still requires commitment and concentration. "Even with MyPyramid you still have to be careful to watch portion sizes and make sure foods don't contain added sugar or fats," says Krebs-Smith. "When the program recommends 3 cups of milk, for instance, that's based on skim milk. Half of the recommended servings of grains are meant to be whole grains."

Following the Pyramid diet, in other words, will require most people to make changes in the way they eat. But unlike many fad diets, they are all changes for the better.

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Reviewed on April 22, 2008
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