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  1. Suicide Warning Cut Antidepressant Use

    Jan. 7, 2008 -- Warnings about suicide risk in youths taking antidepressants have affected the use of those drugs. New research shows that antidepressant use by kids and teens fell nearly 10% annually after the drugs got a "black box" warning -- the FDA's sternest warning -- about youth suicide risk

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  2. Magnetic Stimulation for Depression?

    Dec. 6, 2007 -- An experimental depression treatment involving magnetic stimulation of the brain proved to be more effective than sham therapy in a large study. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has not been approved by the FDA for the treatment of depression. Early this year, an advisory pane

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  3. Mild Depression Tied to Bone Loss

    Nov. 26, 2007 -- Even mild depression may significantly increase a woman's risk for developing osteoporosis, new government-funded research suggests. The level of bone density loss attributed to depression in the study was similar to that previously associated with other well- known osteoporosis ris

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  4. FDA OKs Abilify for Depression

    Nov. 20, 2007 -- The FDA has approved the antipsychotic drug Abilify for treatment of depression when used along with antidepressants. Abilify isn't a new drug; it was first approved five years ago. But it's the first drug approved by the FDA as an addition to antidepressants for adults with major d

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  5. Antipsychotic Drug May Help Treat Depression

    Nov. 2, 2007 -- The antipsychotic drug Risperdal may ease depression in patients who don't respond to antidepressants, a new study shows. The study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, included about 274 depressed adults (average age: mid-40s) who had been depressed for nearly 17 years. At

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  6. Pot and Depression: Mixed Findings

    Oct. 25, 2007 -- New research on marijuana and depression suggests that THC, pot's key chemical, may help or hurt depression depending on the dose. That news appears in The Journal of Neuroscience. Canadian researchers tested a synthetic cannabinoid (the class of chemicals that includes THC) in lab

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  7. Workers' Depression: 21 Fields Ranked

    Oct. 16, 2007 -- Depression may be more common in some fields than others. New research shows that people who work in personal care and services -- such as child care workers or hairdressers -- are more likely to report depression than engineers and architects. So says the Substance Abuse and Mental

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  8. Job Stress May Be Depressing

    Sept. 27, 2007 -- On-the-job stress and unsupportive workplaces may foster depression, a new study suggests. The study comes from psychiatry researchers including Emma Robertson Blackmore, PhD, of New York's University of Rochester. They interviewed more than 24,300 workers in Canada in 2002 about t

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  9. Extra Depression Care Helps Workers

    Sept. 25, 2007 -- Depressed workers may feel better and accomplish more at work if they get a little extra help in addition to standard depression care. That news appears in The Journal of the American Association. Many employers may "experience a positive return on investment from outreach and enha

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  10. Depression a Big Factor in Poor Health

    Sept. 6, 2007 -- Depression has a greater impact on overall health than arthritis, diabetes, angina, and asthma, but it all too often goes unrecognized and untreated, a report from the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests. Based on interviews with almost 250,000 people living in 60 countries, WH

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