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  1. Study: SSRI Antidepressants Save Lives

    June 12, 2006 - Far from increasing suicide risk, SSRI antidepressants have saved thousands of lives since they became available in the U.S. in the late 1980s, according to findings from a new study. Researchers estimate that after the availability of the new generation of drugs for depression depre

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  2. FDA OKs Generic Depression Drug

    May 23, 2006 -- The FDA has approved a generic version of the antidepressant Lexapro (escitalopram oxalate). The generic tablets will be available in three doses: 5 milligrams, 10 milligrams, and 20 milligrams. The drug is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), a family of drugs that also

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  3. Treating Depression With Botox

    May 16, 2006 – It is a treatment that brings new meaning to the phrase, "When you look good, you feel good." Researchers say depressed female patients in a small, pilot study showed dramatic improvement when given Botox injections, with nine out of 10 no longer meeting the clinical standards for dep

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  4. Paxil Suicide Risk in Young Adults

    May 12, 2006 -- The antidepressant Paxil and its controlled-release version, Paxil CR, are getting a new warning about suicide risk in young adults. The FDA and Paxil's maker, drug company GlaxoSmithKline, are notifying doctors about the warning, which is being added to the drug's package inserts. A

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  5. Tweaking the Body Clock to Ease SAD

    April 24, 2006 -- Nudging the body's "clock," or circadian rhythm, may help curb seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a new study shows. SAD is a depression that occurs each year at the same time, usually starting in fall or winter and ending in spring or early summer. The exact cause of SAD isn't kno

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  6. New Hope for Depression Patients

    March 22, 2006 -- Don't give up hope, a new study suggests to people suffering with depression. It may take 14 weeks and a change of medication, but people with major depression now have a 50-50 chance of getting better and getting well. What about the 50% of people who don't get well? There's still

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  7. Depression, Urinary Incontinence Tied?

    March 20, 2006 -- Women with urinary incontinence are more likely than other women to be depressed, a new study shows. The mix of depression and urinary incontinence is worse than either condition alone and doctors "need to be attentive to these findings," write the researchers. They included Simone

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  8. Gene May Sway Antidepressant Success

    March 17, 2006 -- Scientists may have a new clue about why some people respond better to a particular antidepressant than others. A variation on a specific gene may make a difference, according to a study in The American Journal of Human Genetics' early online edition. "Many patients can expect thei

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  9. Long-Term Antidepressants for Elderly?

    March 15, 2006 - Elderly patients who stay on antidepressant drugs after recovering from depression are much less likely to suffer recurrences than patients taken off the drugs or those treated with psychotherapy alone, an important new study suggests. Elderly people over the age of 70 who received

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  10. Antidepressants, Kids: Measuring Risks

    March 6, 2006 -- Antidepressant use appears to be associated with a modest increase in suicidal thoughts and behaviors among children and teens, but the drugs may or may not increase actual suicide risk. Researchers with the FDA analyzed 24 clinical trials involving 4,582 pediatric patients taking o

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