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    6 Tips if You're Tired of Your Diabetes

    2. Edit your thoughts.

    Pay attention to what you're thinking. Your thoughts make a difference in how you feel.

    "We feel the way we think," says Helen Grusd, PhD, a psychologist in Beverly Hills, Calif. "The more you say to yourself, 'This is awful, this is terrible, this isn't fair,' the more you become depressed."

    So if you are feeling down you can say, "How can I change my thinking? What can I do differently?"

    Of course you'll have negative thoughts. It's a matter of choosing which thoughts you take to heart.

    Do something that will lift your mood. Go for a walk, meet a friend at the mall, take a bubble bath, or listen to your favorite playlist at the park.

    "It's important to take action immediately rather than let negative feelings grow in your mind," Grusd says.

    3. Think like an optimist.

    Focus on the positive parts of your life rather than negatives, says Lurelean B. Gaines, RN, MSN, president-elect of heath care and education for the American Diabetes Association.

    Think about things you can look forward to, such as an upcoming trip or show, or getting together with friends.

    "You have to look at the bright side of things," says Gaines, whose glass is always half-full. "Even in the worst times, I can always think of something positive to get out of each day that I live."

    4. Rethink exercise.

    If you know you should exercise, but it's not happening for you, take a look at why that is.

    Maybe your goal was too ambitious. "Do whatever you think you can do," Gaines says. "Sometimes it's just walking. And you don't have to walk vigorously. Smell the roses along the way."

    Don't be a perfectionist about it. Let's say you wanted to exercise every day but you missed a couple of days. "Don't beat yourself up for that," Spero says. "Give yourself credit for the days you did walk."

    Instead, ask yourself what would help you do better with your goal in the future. Find ways to make it happen.

    "If you expect perfection, then you're going to be disappointed a lot of the time," Spero says. "If you're looking for steady progress, then you can see that."

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