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    Choices continued...

    Burger King's Best
    BK Broiler Chicken Sandwich without mayo 9 grams fat and 370 calories
    Chicken Tenders, 4 pieces 11 grams fat and 180 calories
    Whopper Jr. Sandwich without Mayonnaise 15 grams of fat and 320 calories
    Chick N Crisp without mayonnaise 16 grams fat and 360 calories

    Burger King's Worst
    Double Whopper with Cheese Sandwich 67 grams of fat and 1010 calories
    Double Whopper Sandwich 59 grams of fat and 920 calories
    Whopper with Cheese Sandwich 48 grams of fat and 760 calories
    BK Big Fish Sandwich 43 grams fat and 720 calories
    Chicken Sandwich 43 grams fat and 710 calories
    Biscuit with sausage, egg & cheese 43 grams fat and 620 calories
    BK King Sandwich 42 grams fat and 640 calories
    Croissan'Wich with sausage, egg, & cheese 41 grams fat and 530 calories
    Whopper Sandwich 40 grams fat and 660 calories
    Bacon Double Cheeseburger 38 grams fat and 620 calories
    Double Cheeseburger 36 grams fat and 580 calories
    Croissan'Wich with sausage & cheese 35 grams fat and 450 calories
    Biscuit with sausage 33 grams fat and 490 calories
    King Size French Fries 30 grams fat and 590 calories
    King Size Onion Rings 30 grams fat and 600 calories

    Help, I'm at a Fast Food Chain!

    KFC Best
    Tender Roast Sandwich without sauce 5 grams fat and 270 calories
    Honey BBQ Flavored Sandwich with sauce 6 grams fat and 310 calories
    Original Recipe sandwich without sauce 13 grams fat and 360 calories
    Tender Roast sandwich with sauce 15 grams fat and 350 calories
    Triple Crunch Sandwich without sauce 15 grams fat and 390 calories
    BBQ Baked Beans 3 grams fat and 190 calories
    Mashed Potatoes with gravy 6 grams fat and 120 calories

    KFC Worst
    Chunky Chicken Pot Pie, 13 oz 42 grams fat and 770 calories
    Large Popcorn Chicken, 6 oz 40 grams fat and 620 calories
    Honey BBQ pieces, 6 38 grams fat and 607 calories
    Twister 34 grams fat and 600 calories
    Hot wings pieces, 6 33 grams fat and 471 calories
    Triple Crunch Zinger Sandwich with sauce 32 grams fat and 550 calories
    Extra Crispy Chicken thigh 27 grams fat and 380 calories
    Triple Crunch Sandwich with sauce 29 grams fat and 490 calories
    Hot & Spicy Chicken thigh 26 grams of fat and 355 calories
    Honey BBQ Crunch Melt 26 grams fat and 556 calories

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