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When birthday parties and other social events strike: Consult your list.

Ruptures in routines are usually open invitations for old coping mechanisms to take the wheel,” says psychotherapist Stephanie Manes. “To intercept these parts of ourselves before they take over, have a plan for talking back.”

Sometime in the next few days, make a short list of all your top reasons for not slipping and giving in to goodies. Include references to your goals and past successes. Keep that piece of paper in your pocket, and when temptation approaches, head to the restroom and read your list three times for an instant resolve-booster.

Eating out at restaurants: Read ahead.

“Nothing can save the day from any diet saboteurs like information,” says nutritionist Brooke Alpert, founder of B Nutritious. These days, it’s common for restaurants to post their menus, or at least some popular selections, on their web sites.

Check the menu before you go out, and make note of a few healthy choices. That way, you don't have to make a decision and order when you’re hungry and easily swayed by those around you.

For nonstop willpower, carry snacks.

“You’ll make your worst choices when you’re hungry; that’s when willpower is at its weakest,” says nutritionist Keren Gilbert, founder of Decision Nutrition. “Luckily, snacking is portable.”

Gilbert recommends never going more than 4 hours without a small bite. To make it a no-brainer no matter how busy your day, carry preportioned servings of nuts in your bag at all times. Not only are they light and easy to carry, but studies show nuts in particular help quell hunger and promote feelings of fullness.

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