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    Here are the top 10 most viewed diet stories of the year.

    What should you eat? What foods should you limit? What about weight loss pills, colon cleansers, and all the buzz about yogurt?

    Those topics are among the 10 most viewed diet stories on WebMD for 2007.

    1. 15 Best Diet Tips Ever
    2. 9 Frighteningly Fattening Fall Foods
    3. 5 Food Fixes for Flat Abs
    4. The Benefits of Yogurt
    5. The 3-Day Diet
    6. All About Alli, the Weight Loss Pill
    7. Diet Mistakes: 6 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight
    8. 10 Foods That Are Health Horrors
    9. Colon Cleansers: Are They Safe?
    10. 6 Weight Loss Obstacles to Avoid

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