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    4. You First

    When you eat out with friends or family, be the first to place your order. That way, if someone else decides to indulge, you already made your choice. When you make a healthy choice, it influences them in a good way. 

    You can also browse the menus online at many places and pick what you’ll have before you get there.

    5. Have a Plan for Drinks

    The first thing most people order is a drink. Break that pattern.

    Whether it’s sweet tea, soda, or that extra glass of wine, calories from beverages add up. So ask for water first. Drink it first. You’ll fill up (which can take the edge off your hunger) and it naturally has no calories.

    After that, you can splurge on one other drink, if you still want it.

    6. Shift Your Attitude

    “If you eat out three times per week, you can’t have the attitude of, ‘I deserve it,’” Glassman says. 

    It’s easy to give in to that feeling, especially when you’re very busy, rushed, or feeling stressed or emotional.

    Eating out is still a treat. But it’s not just about the food. “The indulgence is someone else cooking for you,” Glassman says.

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