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    Menopause Basics

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    Most women approaching menopause will have hot flashes, a sudden feeling of warmth that spreads over the upper body, often with blushing and some sweating. The severity of hot flashes varies from mild in most women to severe in others.

    Other common symptoms around the time of menopause include:

    Not all women get all of these symptoms.

    How Do I Know When I'm Going Through Menopause?

    Either you'll suspect the approach of menopause on your own, or your doctor will, based on symptoms you've told her about. To help figure it out, your doctor can do a certain blood test.

    It also helps if you keep track of your periods and chart them as they become irregular. Your menstrual pattern will be an added clue to your doctor about whether you're premenopausal.

    What Long-Term Health Problems Are Tied to Menopause?

    The loss of estrogen linked with menopause has been tied to a number of health problems that become more common as women age.

    After menopause, women are more likely to have:

    A number of treatments can help lower risks that are linked with these conditions.

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