Signs of Anxiety in Men

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Nearly one out of five adults will be affected by anxiety in their lifetime. While men aren't as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety, that could be in part because they have different signs of it. Women are more likely to internalize emotions, but men will externalize them, leading to aggressive, impulsive, and combative behavior.

Men are also more likely to have strained relationships with friends and family because of excessive worry. Also, men might turn to alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism, leading to substance misuse. Other signs of anxiety for all genders include being restless, irritable, having fatigue, trouble concentrating, trouble sleeping, and not able to control worrying. If you spot these signs, you should talk to a doctor.

Treatment might focus on rewarding good actions and directing toward non-aggressive and non-destructive choices. You can make some life changes to help as well. Getting exercise, being social with friends and family, and staying away from drugs and alcohol can help ease anxiety.