Honest Talk: Managing My Anxiety - Xoxa

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Getting out of your house. Going out to a backyard, or a park, or even a friend's backyard. And just being outside with trees and fresh air, and just doing anything there. Sitting and listening to music and just zoning out is a great way to just de-stress and quiet everything else that's going on in your head.

Speaking to siblings, speaking to people trust, or if you have anyone in your class. I find that is a really great strategy. Finding some connection with someone in your class and going hey, can you help me with this homework or something. And then you guys already have something to relate on. Something that really helps me is box breathing. Do you breathe in for four counts, you hold it for four counts, you breathe out for four counts, and then you hold that for four counts.

If you see someone and you're like hey, my friend hasn't been doing well, but I have no idea what to help them with, just ask people if they need space or just hold space for them. Though like minimal and also sometimes best thing you can do, is go to them and be like, hey, I will sit here and just listen.