Controlling Your Anxiety

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What's more important to control my anxiety, counseling or medication?

Patricia Farrell, PhD
I think the both of them go together. When someone finds that they can't do it totally themselves, or on their own, they go and they get some medication, if it's needed, and that's fine.

Patricia Farrell, PhD (cont.)
We live, I don't have to tell you, we live in one of the best of times. If we had lived in the 50s or the 40s, and were anxious or depressed or had panic disorder, we would be put in a hospital. We'd be locked up, and the treatments that we would receive would be less than humane. But today, we have many, many options.

Patricia Farrell, PhD (cont.)
We can take medications for when we're going to make a presentation, for when we feel anxious, for our depression, but we can also learn how to handle these things ourselves, so we can use a combination, medications and counseling or therapy. The two of them together are your best way to handle this. Once life gets out of control, don't let it do that to you. As much as you don't want to, take back control. Take the first step, because that's the first step you take to health.