Ways to Lower Anxiety

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When you're feeling tense and nervous, take some simple steps to ease the anxiety. For an instant mood booster, hang out with family or friends, furry pals included. Consider volunteering, too. Helping others could take your mind off your own worries.

Socializing's great. But also treat yourself to a little me time. You could relax to soothing music, soak in a bubble bath, do anything you enjoy. Exercise may not seem enjoyable to you. But make it a habit, and you'll learn it's one of the best stress zappers around.

Consider learning meditation, too. Sometimes the toughest emotions ease up when you pay attention to them or focus on your breath. And if you keep a journal, you can pinpoint exactly what's making you anxious. Once you know what your triggers are, you can avoid them.

And here's some literal food for thought. Eat a balanced diet, and don't skip meals. Cut back on alcohol and caffeine, too.

Don't skimp on sleep, though. Aim for eight hours a night. Go to bed and get up at the same times every day, too. Still feeling anxious? Reach out to your doctor for help.