Healthier 2021: Three People Share Their Journeys

Healthier 2021

Laura, Bill, and Mark are making big changes in the New Year, and they’ve offered to take us along for the ride. Follow their journeys below. 



Jan. 19: Laura's Got Her Mojo Back!

Jan. 11: Laura Is Finding Motivation in Her 'Why'

Jan. 4: Laura's Ready for a Change



Jan. 20: Bill Is Staying on Track, Even While Traveling

Jan. 13: Bill Is Tracking His Food and Seeing Results

Jan. 6: Bill Lost Weight Before -- Now He's Starting Over



Jan. 22: Mark Found Inspiration Close to Home

Jan. 15: Mark Is Becoming More Flexible

Jan. 8: Mark's Fitness Fell Flat During Quarantine -- Now He's Making a Comeback


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