Sherry's Story: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Down 75 pounds, she now hits the slopes with confidence

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Sherry knew the time had come to do something about her lifelong weight problem. Type 2 diabetes runs in her family. She feared it was just a matter of time before she was diagnosed, too -- unless she lost some weight.

Not only that, but her knees hurt all the time. She found herself left behind on hikes and ski trips, and was unable to make site visits for her volunteer work. And this Colorado native was sad about not being able to play in the beautiful Rocky Mountains!

In September 2003, she was surfing on WebMD, took the tour of the Weight Loss Clinic and something clicked.

"Instead of my usual wait until Monday to start a new diet, I decided to sign up and start my new life the next morning," says Sherry, "and it has been magical."

She didn't own a scale at the time, but guesses that her starting weight was 312 pounds. She has lost a little more than four pounds each month. Now, 18 months later, she is down to 237 pounds and counting.

"I feel absolutely incredible and have a new lease on life," she says. "My hairdresser says my hair is healthier, my skin looks better; I can fit into an airline seat without an extender seatbelt, and best of all, the knee pain is gone!"

She is back to hiking and skiing -- and no one is leaving Sherry in the dust. Last month, she competed in a 5K ski race and did very well. To think that a year and a half ago, a ski race was nothing more than a dream!

Gone for Good

Being overweight all of her life, Sherry has had some diet hits and misses. In 1985, she got down to 156 pounds. But "I lost it for an event, not for the right reasons, and I regained all of the weight," she says.

This time, she says, the weight loss is for good. What's the difference?

The Weight Loss Clinic "helps me take incremental steps and make small changes adapting to my lifestyle," she says.

Sherry, who works as a financial systems coordinator, says she is no longer a "stress eater." These days, she fills up on high-fiber foods and vegetables. Graham crackers satisfy her sweet tooth and her need for an afternoon snack.

She also enjoys "the ability to be involved with the community anonymously without having to go to meetings. I was embarrassed when I attended group meetings with other diet programs, and did not want to be pressured into radical changes for quick weight loss."

She faithfully journals her meals and snacks and appreciates the quick and easy checkboxes that help her stay on track. When she travels, she takes along a printed a copy of her journal to help her stay vigilant on her eating plan.

And she has made exercise a way of life.

"I wake up at 5 a.m. to fit in my workout," she says. "I lift weights a few times a week, work out five-six days a week and do long hikes or go skiing to get my regular exercise."

Secrets for Success

As one of the Weight Loss Clinic's longtime members, Sherry offers these tips for fellow members:

  • Use the equivalent list to learn about all the different food options you have.
  • Be fanatical about recording everything you eat in your journal.
  • Ask for help and advice. Don't be shy!
  • Eat when you need to eat to satisfy your hunger but choose wisely.
  • Make the program work for you.

Sherry is a role model for slow and steady weight loss. She has modified her food choices, is committed to regular exercise, and has already dramatically improved her health. Her new lifestyle will allow her to continue losing and, once she's reached her goal, maintain her new weight.

Keep up the good work, Sherry!!!


Lost: 75 pounds in 18 months on the WebMD Weight Loss Clinic program