WebMD Countdown: Worst Cocktails For Your Waistline

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Ah. It's the end of the day, and sometimes you just want to kick back with a delicious cocktail. Everything in moderation, right? Not so fast. Some of those cocktails have more sugar and carbs than you think. Here's our list of the worst drinks for your waistline.

OK, Lebowski fans. While The Dude may totally abide, he was also imbibing some serious calories. Kicking off the countdown at 270 and number five on our list, the White Russian. So if he had nine in the film, that's 2,430-- I digress.

At number four, it's the drink that made the guy who invented the tiny cocktail umbrella a rich man. Say hello to the Mai Tai. At 310 calories, it tastes great, but also takes a big chunk out of your daily calorie budget.

(SINGING) If you like Pina Coladas (SPEAKING) and getting caught in the rain, then you better like a lot of exercise as well. This tropical pineapple coconut concoction takes the number three slot on our countdown with 640 calories. That's more than a Big Mac. Yikes.

Coming in at number two, a Cinco De Mayo fave. Yes, it's the Margarita. This tasty tequila treat packs a whopping 740 calories. Luckily, no one ever has more than one, right? right?

And now, coming in at a gut-growing 780 calories, it hails from just east of New York City, it contains nearly every liquor known to man. Give it up for number one, the caloric champion of the world, the long island iced tea.

Look. Here's the deal. Real simple. It's the sugar in the mixers that will get you. That cola you added to your shot of rum more than double your calories. Your best bet is to pick something else. Try a glass of white wine, which is only 90 calories. If that margarita is a must, then use blended strawberries or other real fruit instead of sugary mixers. It's fewer calories, and hey, you're adding more fruit to your diet.