WebMD Now: Avoid the Pain of Holiday Gain

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The holidays are here. Time for lots of fun, and eating, and drinking, and more eating, and then dessert. But fighting those post-holiday pounds is no fun. So here are some surefire ways to survive the holiday season.

For starters, eat something before going to a holiday party. I know it sounds silly, but it's easier to resist temptation if you're not famished. If you do have the munchies, cruise on over to the crudite-- i.e., veggies. Eat these low-cal snacks before allowing yourself the big ticket items like sides and dessert. Veggies not cutting it? Your next best choice is protein, which will keep you full, avoiding carbs like bread, crackers, and potatoes, which will wear off quickly and make you sleepy.

And keep those drinks in check, too. Alcohol, especially when mixed with egg and nog, adds unnecessary calories. Try a glass of wine instead.

And don't forget to mingle and chat. You'll make friends, people will think you're fun. And the more you talk, the less tempted you'll be to eat. Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint. Do everything in moderation, and stay mindful. This way, you won't mind looking at the scale come the new year.